Jerry Verhoeven

Game Developer / Technical Artist




I am a Technical Artist doing programming, scripting, visual effects and technical game related work.
My portfolio displays both professional and personal work.

My full resumé is available in pdf or word format.

Jerry M. Verhoeven
Dutch - Born August 09 1988

+31 0618547719


2007 / 2010 - Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen - Kortrijk, Belgium
Digital Arts and Entertainment Graduated with honors

2006 / 2007 - Hogeschool Rotterdam - Rotterdam, Netherlands
Communication and Multimedia Design

2000 / 2006 - Dalton Lyceum Barendrecht - Barendrecht, Netherlands
Pre-university education (VWO) - Society and Economics


MAY 2013 / OCT 2015 - Sr. Technical Artist at Virtuos Ltd. - Shanghai China
Sr. Technical Artist -
I worked on a variety of high profile projects. I did VFX, shader development, pipeline development, programming, art and engine support, research and development, technical writing and technical consulting.
Fable: Anniversary - Unreal 3
VFX work and managing VFX artists. Engine support.
Heavy Rain PS4 - Custom Engine
R&D for advanced rendering features.
Unannounced projects - Unity3D and Unreal4
Acting as primary Technical Artist. All duties.

FEB 2010 / OCT 2012 - Technical Artist at Spicy Horse Games - Shanghai China
Technical Artist on the game Alice: Madness Returns -
I mainly worked on particle effects and special effects shaders in the Unreal3 engine, both based on concept art and own design dictated by the established art direction. I was responsible for integrating most of my work into the game myself.
Besides my main tasks I also optimized the shaders on many 3d assets, assisted the User Interface designer by animating and scripting UI logic in Actionscript 2.0 and made scripts to improve the workflow of the 3D- and Technical artists.


My skills include visual effects, programming, scripting, drawing and 3D CG:
  • Realtime shaders and particle effects in Unreal3/4
  • Programming in C++ (STL, DirectX)
  • Programming in C# (XNA, .NET)
  • HLSL
  • Javascript (Unity3D, Photoshop API, HTML5 Canvas)
  • 3d modeling and texturing
  • Visual Studio
  • Python 3.x
  • Maxscript
  • 3DSMax
  • Photoshop
  • ZBrush 3.0
  • Perforce & Bugzilla
  • Pen and paper

  • Dutch, fluent
  • English, very good
  • German and French, basic understanding
  • In the process of Learning Mandarin