The Vale Of Return

many steps walked blind
into the mist of tomorrow
not a care for the left behind
fleeting impressions to be lost

second guessing what remains
the golden figments of desire
a yearning for those moments gone
to the branches of shared destiny

in darkness life casts anew
temporal constructs in a blink
recall the precious pockets
waiting for their host

enter the burning waters
swim the motive currents
through the tears of regret
piercing the veil of time

haunted by lively specters
round the ruins scattered
abiding in their final rest
carrying the burdens of death

the end of the future
for the start of the past
answers to ancient questions
entombed in the streams

sharp eyes and familiar flesh
mute to the many questions
that forever shall remain
in the time that was to be

no pilgrimage for salvation
only a chance for redemption
through change by walking
a new path through the vale