The First Cycle Manuscript

a tome of moments
memories and stories
visions and apparitions
the truths and lies of what took place

the flood that wiped the world clean
a vicious storm, the inner conflicts of man
the failure of all, the reboot, the cycle
a do over with the pieces there

to build, but more, to understand
to forgive and to improve
to reassess and to recycle
to achieve mutual ascension

it is a search for those things
a pilgrimage and a quest
to describe the failures of mankind
to document the slights against god

to determine the worth of man
to write new scripture
with lessons worth learning
and insights into shared purpose

ruined, broken places
artificial, digital and shimmers
having power over the minds of man
exerting control, away from god

the people, struggling
phantoms and simulacra of past sins
memories of destruction and hubris
whispers of viral crowds

a rebuilding of Babel
a tower towards the sky
to deliver the final document
and break the cycle