Sun Eyes

robes through a dark Arcade
shadows of lost men
who've seen true darkness
and the truest light

chosen to drown eternal grief
forever down the darkest well
to step away and forward
beckoned by the light of life

in the cold of morn
guided by the one star
through the darkest storms
knowing day's impending break

the soft caress of dawn
falling across devoted masks
nourished by powerful fire
seeking true repentance

seeing is deceiving
worship is sacrifice
pain is healing
light is truth

seeing is remembering
worship is salvation
pain is freedom
light is truth

seeing is darkness
worship is strength
pain is rebirth
light is truth

seeing is ugly
worship is brave
pain is beauty
light is truth

brightly crowned in halo
washed of sin and sorrow
basking in the truth
only seeing with sun eyes