Songs Of Under

below the crumbled cities deep
skulking down the barren halls
stepping down on hands and knees
never bowing to no king

no speech and no decree
can ever change the common song
a tune of knowledge and belief
that there is progress in denial

deep breaths and false notes
never seem to breech the surface
aging structures built a concrete ceiling
leaving echoes to wander the tunnels black

no less does life here thrive
the poison only seeps a drip a day
killing slow enough to be sure
younglings will know what voice to cry in

cancerous growths endlessly feeding
and killing when the time has come
when it is too late to curb the critical mass
violence and pain must come at crescendo

dark pawns against white kings
the game is rigged with truths
rising up with ancient battle cries
failing to strike true the modern machinations

no elegies for the shattered voices
mere sandy eyes and mouths full of dirt
put to sleep with hollow lamentations
mourning the loss of our dearest friends