Severed Ancestry

mothers and Fathers
once spoke in secret code
strictly four letter words
a book in endless string

no longer the flesh prevails
cut and pasted by machines
algorithms passing tests
fading the elder bond

"Oh, father of my father!"
the familial god once reigned
passing down the manuscript
held in constant reverence

no longer do words make sense
written for optimal profit
edited for exquisite beauty
fading the soul between the letters

"Oh, mother of my mother!"
sun flecked eyes, sad with loss
having seen the tethers cut
no babes left to raise to the world

a past no longer governed
no temple stands to kneel and pray
fresh loss turning tears to dust
chimerical identity crisis complete

"Oh, brothers and sisters. All!"
what is lost can yet be gained
bloody chains forever broken
the page turned to a new chapter

a sequence to solidify
the sense of new created self
blessed comfort in unique perspective
new seeds scattered in the wind