Devotion Cycle

devotion of the flesh
praying for the soul
to the mistress of desire
knees and elbows in the dirt

not a whimpered slight
crawling through black refuse
pain freeing the mind
promised ascension through the wheel

spinning life's cycle
suspended and restarted
blessed breeding pods
sharing blood for blood

skin stretched thin
vessel to the swellings
creeping ever slower
under the holy mother's spawn

unrelenting worship
enthralled in mindless reverence
whispering proselytizing prayers
into the putrid winds

scavenging to satiate
the endless hunger
insides stirring
with new and eager life

convulsions and contractions
delivered in screaming agony
oozing and leaking
into the dim and desolate wastes

a final prayer said
from the bosom of the queen
the last meal served
in bloody devotion