crawling under cover
of self-cast shadows
behind crafted veils
of manufactured bureaucracy

reading and learning
spying and collecting
trawling and scraping
dealing and filing

start without end
endless hunger still
voracious in desire
to disrupt perception

crystals to power
thoughts to data
impulse to reaction
pain to greed

tendrils under skin
nerves slightly tweaked
shifting grounds beneath
senses off balance

new light
a whirr
so cold
a gasp

wake up to the writhing snakes
slithering and hissing in excitement
the taste of fear hangs heavy in the air
rise above or drown beneath these perilous waves

see the hands that feed the sleeping dogs
which cast looming shadows over the kingdom
blanketing unrest over the sullen eyes of normality
be the one threat that can unmake the rift between the planes

move and push and pull
strike and hit and crush
grab and stress and break
pinch and drag and pull

"Unravel the threads for all to see"